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IRON HEART SALE | Discount code “IHSALE15”
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John Lofgren

John Lofgren Bootmaker crafts footwear that showcases the pinnacles of Japanese craftmanship, while using only the highest quality materials and ensuring they were sourced ethically. From the sole to the upper, every piece that makes up a pair of John Lofgren Footwear is ethically sourced from Japan, America, England, France, Germany, and Italy, and constructed in Sendei, Japan by Shokuninkishitsu (職人気質), craftspeople wholly dedicated to perfecting their own craft, making them some of the world's best bootmakers. John Lofgren's focus on Shinki Hikaku's veg-tanned horsehide leathers and employment of these Shokuninkishitsu exemplifies Japan's artisanal expertise perfectly - this is a brand that obsesses over the smallest details, ensuring that the quality and comfort must be superlative.

John Lofgren, born and raised near Fresno, California, has always had a great interest in vintage clothing and footwear, an interest which would bring him to Japan as an adult, into the Japanese vintage clothing industry and later, push him to create John Lofgren Bootmaker. JLB is based on his understanding of a few essential aspects: Japan's unmatched artisan craftsmanship, vintage designs and classic styling, a thoughtful approach to comfort, and an insistence on only the finest, ethically-sourced materials. The resulting perfect storm has come to create some of the best, most well-made, comfortable boots we have had the pleasure of stocking, thanks to JLB's custom vintage-inspired lasts, classic designs, curated materials, and unbelievable construction.

"Profit over people is not what we're about ... We at John Lofgren Bootmaker understand the value of master craftsmanship and we care about how, where, and by who our footwear is made. We hope you do too."