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Studio D'Artisan

Studio D'artisan, being one of the original five Japanese denim companies known as the "Osaka Five," has had over 4 decades to perfect their craft. Founded in 1979 by Shigeharu Tagaki, who was filled with passion for denim through his experience with the original Levi's jeans brought to Japan by G.I.'s around the time of WW2. When America began outsourcing production for cheaper labour costs, Tagaki-san was able to get his hands on vintage equipment which he used to start Studio D'Artisan with the goal of reproducing true vintage denim, and reviving real, quality selvedge jeans.

By focusing on the unique stiffness, unevenness, fading, and texture found in old-fashioned denim woven by vintage power looms, SDA intends to inherit the “essence of jeans” that has disappeared from modern denim, which is mass produced and woven at high speeds, and fails to produce real, interesting denim with character.

SDA is made in Japan, however due to sizing most of their shirting by chest size much of their shirting is easier to size than other Japanese product and many guys take these true to size. For their cut & sewn product, such as tees, sweatshirts, and thermals, please size up. SDA denim is relatively true to size as well, once stretch is taken into consideration.