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Take an Extra 15% Off Sale Products With Code "EXTRA15"
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Viberg was founded in 1931, by Edwin Viberg, who was born in Sweden and raised in the harsh Saskatchewan prairies. Ed's father taught him the shoemaking craft and instilled in him the values of hard work and rural labour, leading to Ed founding Viberg with the intent to create workboots for the labourers in his community. This was the Great Depression, so Ed created his boots with the ethos that they could be bought once, and resoled many times - it was this attention to detail and commitment to bulletproof quality that allowed Ed to move into making industrial logging boots, and led to him moving his family and business out West to British Columbia, wherein Viberg earned their reputation for creating some of the best logging boots in the world.

Now in their 3rd generation and still entirely family owned and operated under Ed's grandson, Brett Viberg, Viberg has expanded their product range and gained an additional reputation for making some of the finest high-quality casual boots and leather footwear with their patented Service Boot, directly based on the original 1931 model and its' Canadian military heritage. Viberg is proud to be the only bootmaker in the world still adhering to the heritage bootmaking methods which they employ, and are experts in crafting Stitchdown and Channeled Goodyear Welt footwear.

Viberg have upheld Ed Viberg's traditional methods for nearly 100 years, with their utilization of brass nails, tacks, and staples in construction being one of the most important. Methods like these, which are higher in cost but very beneficial in the longevity of the boot (brass, for example, is non-corrosive) are unique to Viberg and integral to their philosophy, setting them above most other bootmakers.

All of our Viberg boots are on a single E Width, on either 2030 or 2040 lasts, and are sized in accordance with Vibergs stamped size. For the majority of our Viberg boots we recommend to size down one full size from your measured Brannock size; a half size if you have wide feet.