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New Sale Product Added
Viberg, Dehen 1920, Iron Heart + More
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Wabash Work Shirt

by UES
$299.00 CAD

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Like so many of their offerings, UES' Wabash Work Shirt is a heavy nod to the workwear staples of the 1900's, featuring vintage detailing, bulletproof heritage construction, and a seriosuly hard-wearing fabric that will hold up excellently. The 100% cotton selvedge wabash is woven and sewn in Japan and has been given a deep indigo dye that will fade with time. The bleached wabash pattern has been applied using discharge printing, so you can be sure it will remain prominent for the lifetime of the garment. 

Wabash is one of the most storied amongst workwear fabrics, and also one of the very best. Wabash is named after the Indigenous Wabash Confederacy, who were known for customizing denim workwear and trading them back to white labourers during colonization. Their dyed patterns became true workwear staples, and now the wabash pattern is forever recognizable as a piece of Americana with a very detailed history.

  • 100% Cotton Selvage Cloth
  • Cat's eye buttons
  • Indigo dyed
  • Slim fit
  • Made in Japan
  • One-washed, no shrinkage expected with a cold wash and hang dry

We recommend to size up once for your shirt size.