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S510XX 21oz Indigo

This is the 21 OZ regular straight model.

The denim uses the strongest 21OZ special selvage, and is made with 3.6 count thick uneven thread woven under heavy tension with an old fashioned loom, only the weaving craftsmen of the highest merit and skill were able to tame the looms that created tough denim over 20 ounce. Their blood, sweat, and soul are symbolized by the strands of red and gold lamé which run along the selvage line of this 21 ounce denim.Simply put, this is not just a thick denim, but a heavy ounce denim made with careful consideration as to how it fades and overall appearance.

Specifications include: S510XX21OZ exclusive leather patch and label, iron sunrise buttons, copper coin rivets, and shogyōmujō jacquard fabric.

This is a classic straight fit jean with a mid rise.