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S0510XX 15oz Indigo

This is the 15oz regular straight model that represents SAMURAI Jeans.

The denim uses Otokogi 15oz KATANAMIMI selvage, and uses 100% Texas cotton which is famous for a "rough" cotton due to its high amount of short fibers. Normally, the short fibers are removed to make a smoother fabric, but Samurai adds more short cotton fibers to make the yarn even rougher. The result is a yarn that is highly uneven in size, making the woven fabric very slubbed (irregular). The denim is made with 6 count uneven thread, that is also made up of cotton waste. Even though the denim is woven under heavy tension and has a somewhat harsher look, the wearer will enjoy the variety and sharpness of the fading across the jeans.

Specifications include: S0510XX exclusive leather patch and label, iron sunrise buttons, copper coin rivets, and shogyōmujō jacquard fabric.

This is a classic straight fit with a mid rise.