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Take an Extra 15% Off Sale Products With Code "EXTRA15"
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Ramayana Crewneck T-Shirt White

by UES
$119.00 CAD
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Suvin Gold is the world's finest ultra-long staple cotton. Even when compared to other ultra-long staple cottons like Zimababwe cotton, Suvin Gold offers longer fibers, as well as the oft-overlooked thinner fiber diamater. UES stands behind this knit, stating that it will hold up to even the rarest and most luxury of cottons, Sea Island. A thinner fiber provides a softer hand, and the potential for a more durable, tighter knit. UES' Ramayana knit t-shirt incorporates 100% Suvin Gold cotton fibers, woven on some of the few traditional loophweel knitting machines remaining, allowing them to be woven without unnecessary tension, made the way t-shirts used to be. The correct way. 

Courtesy of the luxury fibers and traditional knitting methods, this Ramyana tee wears and washes amazingly, only getting better with time. This combination results in a super soft, super durable knit; in fact, UES believes that the fabric hand is as soft as humanly possible for a woven cotton. Whereas cheaper, and even some entry-level nicer tees thin and stretch out poorly throughout wear and wash, these hold up and actually improve in feel through wear, just like a good pair of jeans or boots do. 

  • Plain Weave Loopwheeled Cotton T-Shirt
  • 100% SUVIN GOLD cotton
  • Uses smaller fiber widths
  • Very soft comfortable hand
  • Durable knit, washes & wears excellently
  • Loopwheel knit, natural stretch in the weave
  • Slim fit
  • Made in Japan