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Take an Extra 15% Off Sale Products With Code "EXTRA15"
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Purcara Purcara Sweatshirt Oatmeal

by UES
$239.00 CAD
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UES' original sweatshirt material is made from Peruvian aspero cotton, which is valuable and rare, due to its small distribution. The fiber in aspero cotton is thick, making it a perfect cotton for crafting heavier weighted garments, and the aspero cotton also gives the fabric a "dry" hand. Coloured cotton threads are used for the back yarn, giving impact to the tone on the face of the material to create a unique, textured grey tone. The heavy weight material is knitted using vintage loopwheeling machines, giving these sweatshirts a strong, soft fabric that only gets better through wear and washes, as is the case for proper loopwheeled cotton.

We recommend to size up once for your shirt size.