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2102W Type 2 Selvedge Denim Jacket 13.7oz One Wash Indigo

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Originally created in 1953 by Levi's themselves, the Type II denim jacket has since become ubiquitous with vintage Americana and timeless casual menswear. The Type II was created to be an improvement over its' predecessor, with updated details in multiple aspects - the cinch back was replaced with now-commonplace waist adjusters, two centered button-flap patch pockets, and bartack reinforcement. It quickly became quite popular across not just American subcultures, but American culture as a whole, becoming a staple for lead actors for years. Levi's replaced the Type II with the Type III roughly a decade later, and while the third edition has without question become what everyone pictured when they think "denim jacket," for many, the Type II still stands as the greatest denim jacket of them all. With its' shorter, boxier cut and arguably "cleaner" layout of pockets and pleats on the front, we would argue that it stands above the rest. 

Woven from 100% Zimbabwe cotton yarns on vintage shuttle looms, this 13.7oz selvedge denim offers excellent natural stretch and elasticity thanks to the classic nature of the fabric weave, while the moderate weight of the denim offers a year-round weight that is soft enough for an easy wearing experience, yet substantial enough to provide confidence in the durability and longevity. This denim has been left unsanforized in order to acheive and retain the give, durability, and texture inherent to natural cotton and raw denim - in addition, this jacket has been rinsed after sewing to remove shrinkage and grant the fabric a soft hand for comfort, while still offering a satisying break-in.

  • 100% cotton fabric & thread
  • 2102 Type II Denim Jacket
  • Classic Type II silhouette denim jacket
  • 13.7oz Full Count original selvedge denim fabric
  • Action pleats at the front
  • Two flap pockets on the chest and side adjustment straps
  • Copper riveted at stress points for durability
  • Hand picked Zimbabwean cotton
  • Made in Okayama, Japan

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