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1828S OW Fox x G3 Colorganic Relaxed Taper Selvedge Denim Indigo

$395.00 CAD
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Fox Fibre, named after Sally Fox, it's creator, is a more environmentally friendly cotton that doesn't require bleaching or dyeing, as it is an organically grown coloured cotton, called "Colourganic." First produced in 1989, Fox's creation was not the very first coloured cotton, but it was the first without weakened duability, and thus it quickly became a viable commercial fabric thanks to Sally Fox. It is used in these jeans for those very reasons, providing strength, but most importantly, providing a very natural brown tone for the weft that allows these jeans to achieve very vintage fades. SDA has incorporated Fox Fibre with their vintage Toyota G3 looms, pairing two legendary heavy hitters to create some very special denim. By combining the virtues of Fox Fibre with the unmatched low tension texture from these half-century old looms, SDA's 14oz Fox Fibre x G3 Colorganic Selvedge Denim boasts perfect organic colour, texture, and long-term potential. You can be positive that these are one of the absolute best pairs of everyday denim we have ever sold. 

Toyota Industries' G3, which was made half a century ago, is Japan's earliest power loom with no replacement parts. It is said that working parts must be removed from the old, broken G3's of the same model, in order to repair a still working G3 loom which has had a part become defective, or break. These are truly vintage machines which have not been produced in over half a century, so working models are few and far between, requiring a knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced craftsman to operate them and keep them running. Perhaps this is expected from one of the oldest selvedge looms still in use, but the required effort speaks to the unbelievable quality that these machines produce. All of this is to say, that any garment made on a G3, like these jeans here, are truly special.

We recommend to size up once for your waist size. Please keep in mind that the pocket arctuates pictured are not present on our jeans, they are only available on the pairs in Japan, and are not offered internationally by Studio D'Artisan. Wash seperately, as colour may bleed at first. 

  • 100% cotton
  • SD-1828S OW (One-Wash)
  • 14oz Fox x G3 Colorganic selvedge denim
  • Woven on vintage Toyota G3 looms
  • Incorporating Fox Fibre Colorganic cotton
  • Faded redline selvedge ID
  • Custom branded hardware
  • Custom veg-tan leather patch
  • Lined back pockets
  • Relaxed Tapered fit
  • Made in Okayama, Japan
  • One-washed, no shrinkage expected with a cold wash and hang dry