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Brooklyn x Wesco Custom Hendrik Charcoal Roughout

$675.00 USD

We recommend to size down half a size from your standard sneaker size or brannock measurement.

Two factors have always kept Wesco® boots in a league of their own: the quality of materials they use and the details in their craftsmanship. That’s it. They leave no room for compromise and nothing to chance.

Wesco Boots have been using the same process for since 1918. Every boot is made from top quality, full grain leather, built in-house at Wesco's factory in Scapoose, Oregon. The integrity of materials used throughout their boot building process is above reproach—steel is used where another boot maker might use plastic—leather is always used instead of cork. Their dedicated Wescobootmakers work as a team, hand-to-hand, in a 155 step-by-step process that requires skill, strength, and discipline.

  • Charcoal Roughout
  • Stitchdown construction
  • 7" Height
  • Regular toe
  • Vibram Malt Raptor wedge outsole
  • Natural midsoles, soles, and heels
  • Nickel hooks and eyelets
  • Lightweight sterling upper stitching
  • White outsole stitching
  • Flat black waxed laces
  • Roughout straight toe caps
  • Leather footbed insert
  • Charcoal Roughout kilties included