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Take an Extra 15% Off Sale Products With Code "EXTRA15"
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Iron Heart

Iron Heart is based in Japan, and is known for weaving incredible custom fabrics that are then robustly sewn-up into truly timeless and versatile Americana styling. Relative to a reproduction brand, Iron Heart studies and takes inspiration from vintage workwear, and instead of reproducing it, Haraki instead sets out to recreate it for the modern age with the highest quality possible.

Iron Heart and Works Inc. began in 2002, founded by Shinichi Haraki. With 20 years of experience in the denim industry including pattern making, designing, and directing Edwin, Haraki decided to combine his skills with his passion for American motorbikes and culture. The rest is history, with the now 25 year-old Iron Heart long having established itself as the leader in heavyweight denims, custom durable fabrics, and overbuilt construction. The final piece of the puzzle is Giles Padmore, who manages the international aspect of the brand. Since forming a close partnership with Haraki in 2005 over their love for ethical, durable, and beautiful clothing, the Padmores have been instrumental in Iron Heart's growth in the West.

We recommend to size up from your usual American shirting size for Iron Heart, given that it is made in Japan and leans a bit towards Japanese sizing. We recommend sizing up in Iron Heart jeans as well, but do understand that their selvedge denim breaks in and stretches an inch or so depending on the fabric.