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IRON HEART SALE | Discount code “IHSALE15”
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Wesco Boots

West Coat Shoe Company (Wesco) was founded by John H. Shoemaker over a century ago, in 1918, in order to provide the PNW with footwear that would hold up to the harsher, wetter climates present along the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains, while providing the timber camps and forest firefighters with hardy leather resoleable boots to continually fill the roles required of them over many seasons, and preventing fatigue to allow the wearers to complete their long shifts and essential work. Wesco, still family-owned, has remained in Scapoose, Oregon since their inception, and are now just as well known for crafting truly unique custom footwear as they are for their PNW workboots.

No one says it better than the brand themselves: "Two factors have always kept Wesco boots in a league of their own: the quality of materials we use and the details in our craftsmanship. That’s it. We leave no room for compromise and nothing to chance."

“A shoe is no better than the leather it is made of—and all the leather on the market is not worth a ‘whoop’ where there is no shoemaking skill.” - John H. Shoemaker, Founder, West Coast Shoe Company