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S211BK 17oz "Koku Benkei" Selvedge Relaxed Taper Black

$464.00 CAD
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We recommend to size up once for your waist size.

On the 20th anniversary of the founding of Samurai Jeans, the brand updated their standard series models of jeans. The main changes to the models are the new weave names and new decorative stitches, but the silhouette has also been slightly adjusted from the base models to review the balance and shorten the inseams by 2 inches (now 34"). In addition, the standard models have previously been non-washed, but now Samurai develops them using a rinsing process to remove shrinkage and make it easier to pick your correct size. There is no change to the denim fabrics, which is the most important element in Samurai's world-class jeans. 

This special edition denim features a custom woven fabric with an abnormal 6x5 twill weave that provides excellent texture and character to the surface of the denim, adorned with a custom veg-tan leather patch and pocket bags, and of course is finished with all of the premium Japanese detailing that Samurai is known for. This version of Samurai's Benkei denim is even more special than it normally is, as this is a black sulphur dyed edition, a much rarer output from Samurai Jeans. 

Musashibo Benkei (武蔵坊弁慶 1155-1189) popularly called "Benkei", was a Japanese Warrior Monk who lived in the latter yeards of the Heian Period (794-1185). He later came to respect and serve the famous warrior Minamoto No Yoshitsune. He is commonly depicted as a man of great strength and loyalty, and a popular subject of Japanese folklore, showcased in many ancient and modern literature and productions.

This is a modern relaxed tapered fit, featuring a high rise, a comfortable top block, and a taper from the knee to hem. 

  • S211BK
  • 17oz Bushido Selvedge Denim
  • Woven using an abnormal 6x5 twill
  • Silver and red sword edge Selvedge ID
  • Exclusive "Benkei" blacked-out leather patch
  • Exclusive "Benkei" pocket flasher
  • Custom iron pine buttons
  • Custom copper coin rivets
  • Reinforced at points of strain
  • Extra heavy tonal stitching
  • Relaxed Tapered fit
  • One washed, negligible shrinkage expected with a cold wash and hang dry
  • Made in Osaka, Japan