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IRON HEART SALE | Discount code “IHSALE15”
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Dehen 1920

Dehen Knitting Company is one of the very few American heritage brands that have remained true to their ethos as mass-production and outsourcing became the unquestioned norm for the vast majority of American clothing. Dehen was founded by William Dehen in 1920, and produces traditional heavyweight Americana apparel, the same way they always have. "Heavy Duty, Old School Truth" is an uncompromising ethos that has produced what we believe to be the greatest and most authentic varsity jackets and worsted wool knits in the world.

Still family-owned and operated out of Portland where they were founded, Dehen is known for exceptional durability and craftsmanship; with a rich history including knitting collegiate cardigans and sweaters for University athletes from the 1920's, motorcycle sweaters for clubs and Harley Davidson themselves since the 30's, and began handcrafting custom individual varsity jackets for lettered collegiate athletes in the 1950's. Their Melton wool and worsted wool knits are crafted in-house by Dehen's small long-standing team of Portland locals on vintage knitting machines, while the fabrics they are unable to knit are ethically sourced from the best mills they can partner with; their corduroy and moleskin fabrics are made by Brisbane Moss in the U.K., one of the world's greatest mills with centuries of history under their belt, while the t-shirts are woven for Dehen just a few hours South, in California. 

Being a classic American heritage brand, Dehen 1920 fits very true to size.