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Take an Extra 15% Off Sale Products With Code "EXTRA15"
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Loopwheel Zip Parka Brown

by UES
$265.00 CAD
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Loopwheeled cotton and fleece is woven on vintage knitting machines, of which very few still exist in the world, with only two loopwheel knitting factories remaining: One in Germany, and one in Wakayama, Japan, where the fabric for this hoodie was knit. Loopwheel knitting machines are just shy of 100 years old, and were invented just after the t-shirt itself, which resulted in a huge portion of t-shirts being manufactured via loopwheel techniques for decades, until quicker, modern machines began popping up, and American manufacturers moved their production offshore for greater profits. Because loopwheel machines hang from the ceiling and knit the fabric with zero tension, the resulting fabric is simply magnitudes stronger, softer, more textured, and better than non-loopwheeled cotton, and the same goes for cotton fleece. UES' Loopwheel Hoodies are fan favourites of our local customers and our own Brooklyn team, with nearly all of us wearing these as our go-to hoodies.

This loopwheeled hoodie from UES uses the same loopwheeled fleece material found in some of their other products, for those familiar. UES intentionally uses a heather grey weft thread for the backside of the fabric, which does not show through to the face, but it does affect the colour of the front to a considerable extent due to how the face and the back of the fabric are interwoven. This allows the heather to show through just enough to give these hoodies some texture in their colourways.

We recommend to size up once for your top size.