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Take an Extra 15% Off Sale Products With Code "EXTRA15"
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9895 Suvin Gold Loopwheeled Henley White

$189.00 CAD
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This t-shirt is woven using the world's finest ultra-long cotton material, Suvin Gold, on an old-fashioned loop knitting machine in Wakayama Prefecture. Loopwheel machines are few in number these days, but weave the world's finest cotton jersey due to their traditional nature - the fabric is perfectly woven with zero tension in large tubes that can only knit one size at a time very slowly, and so require a lot of attention and maintenance by skilled workers. The hanging machine does not add unnecessary tension to the yarn, it slowly knits it up, and even after the knitting is finished, the fabric is not wound up and stored under the knitting machine.
Therefore, it is characterized by being plump and soft, thick but light.

Suvin Gold has the finest fibers and the longest fiber length, making it the world's finest extra-long staple cotton material. Only 1,500 to 2,000 bales are produced each year, making it extremely rare and valuable. It is characterized by its silk-like luster, drape, and sliminess due to the natural wax and oil content, and
you can enjoy the soft texture of raw cotton itself.

  • 9895
  • Suvin Gold Henley Neck T-Shirt
  • 100% Japanese loopwheeled cotton
  • Cold wash, flat dry
  • Made in Japan