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Service Boot 2030 Shinki Hikaku Latigo Horsehide Dark Brown

by Viberg
$1,250.00 CAD
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All our Viberg Service Boots are on a single E width, we suggest sizing down one full size from your standard sneaker size or brannock measurement. Consider sizing down a half size if you have a wide foot.

Viberg's Service Boot is directly based on their original model, first produced in 1931. A similar pattern was also used by multiple nations as a standard issue military boot during WWII, however Viberg's quintessential Service Boot is modeled after the Canadian military's WWII Service Boot pattern.

Shinki Hikaku, the world's sole tannery to specialize exclusively in horse leather, is a small, family-owned and run business from Kobe, Japan, founded in 1951. Shinki has gained an extraordinary reputation for crafting the world's finest horsehide and horsebutt leathers, which are made specifically for use in footwear, outerwear, and luggage. It is incredibly difficult to procure and tan heavyweight horsehide, so Shinki hides have come to be one of the most rare and sought after leathers on the market today - with such limited quantities and such a lengthy tanning process, there is simply not enough to go around. That lengthy tanning process involves veg-tanning as well as natural ageing and air drying stages that can take up to four months per lot, and creates the unique, incredible texture that Shinki is known for. 

Latigo is a vegetable tanned Horsehide, so it retains more of its natural characteristics and offers superior patina potential, while also reducing the environmental impact of the tannign processes. Often intended to be used for belts, Latigo's extra-thick nature performs perfectly as a super durable footwear upper, packed full of incredible veg-tanned texture. We can say confidently that Shinki hides are one of our absolute top choices when it comes to sourcing leather for our custom Viberg makeups - its just a matter of getting our hands on such a limited leather!

  • Shinki Hikaku Dark Brown Latigo Horsehide
  • 2030 last
  • Tan Kip lined interior
  • Gusseted Shinki tongue
  • Leather structured toe puff
  • Brogue toe cap
  • 7 AA Caramel eyelets
  • Natural Leather Midsole
  • Black Dainite Outsoles and Heels
  • Traditional Resolable Stitch Down Construction
  • Small batch, limited run production made at Viberg's factory in Victoria, BC
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