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Vacation Shirt Pink/Natural Studio Floral


For 3sixteen's final shirting drop of the Spring/Summer 2022 season, the brand continues to elevate their patterns and fabrics with this lightweight Studio Floral Vacation Shirt, alongside an outstanding Drunk Chess pattern in Tan/Natural. Like usual, the Vacation Shirt features an open collar with a loop closure, a flat hem, cuffed sleeves, coconut buttons, and 3sixteen's signature crossed back yoke. Made by 3sixteen's partnered factory of skilled, fairly paid artisans in India.

The Studio Floral shirt is directly inspired by the decor of vibrant paper cutouts in Henri Matisse's 1940s studio at the Ville le Rêve in Vence, France. That pattern is hand-stamped on a natural coloured lightweight fabric of 55% linen and 45% cotton, and is perhaps the most skillful and labour intensive shirt to come out of 3sixteen. 3sixteen's partner factory in India showcases their skills by hand carving the stamping blocks and tracing the patterns prior to block printing, all of which is also done by hand. This process is evidence of the enormous skill showcased by the artisans, creating a perfectly aligned print along the seams, and a perfectly finished shirt. This shirt fits true to size.

  • 55% linen 45% cotton
  • Open collar with loop closure
  • Crossed back yoke
  • Cuffed sleeves
  • Coconut buttons
  • Regular fit
  • Flat hem
  • Made in India