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New Sale Product Added
Viberg, Dehen 1920, Iron Heart + More
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The Brace 11oz Red Stripe HBT

by Kato
$278.00 USD
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Inspired by the classic and rugged vintage workwear shirt, The Brace is built tough but keeps the comfort you expect from Kato. This newest iteration features KATO's new Loose Woven Striped Herringbone Twill, giving the fabric significant texture and year-round versatility. HBT is a traditional military fabric at its roots, and thus is as comfortable as it is tough, with the added benefit of the loosely woven HBT and the depth of the stripe pattern accentuating and highlighting one another.

The chainstitch runoff found on the side gussets is an interesting detail and a nod to vintage shirts. Early workwear shirts were made with authentic high quality sewing machines that produced this run off effect when finished. These would usually get cut off in production, but sometimes missed. Vintage collectors would find these rarities and they became highly sought after, not only for its rarity, but because it was a true sign a shirt was made using authentic vintage sewing machines. Kato work shirts are sewn with vintage machinery, following the footsteps of these vintage treasures with the chainstitch runoff as a testament to its quality and heritage. You can choose to wear them with pride or cut them off with no compromise in durability.

  • Work Shirt
  • 11oz Loose Woven Striped HBT
  • Chest pockets
  • Pen pocket
  • Cat eye buttons for durability
  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese fabric
  • Made in USA
  • True to Size