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Dustbowl Work Socks Grey

$28.00 USD

Homespun's Dustbowl work socks have become a favourite in our shop, and have long been the go-to sock for many of the guys here by virtue of their robust construction, long lifsepan, and superior comfort. This is achieved by a thoughtful blend of high quality wool and cotton yarns, combined with stretch fibers in order to create a comfortable and functional sock with serious strength. The weave is strong, and with the stretch content means it will not weaken or tear due to the tension created while pulling them on. These age best with cold washes and no tumble drying to reduce shrinkage and wear, but will be fine with a low dry, though they may shrink up slightly. 

  • Cotton/Wool blend
  • 75% cotton 15% nylon 5% wool 5% poly
  • Great for sneakers and boots
  • Made in Japan
  • Cold wash, hang/flat dry
  • Fits sizes 9-11 best