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4533 Kaki "Kakishibu" Persimmon Dyed Easterner Jacket

$345.00 USD

Studio D'Artisan describes the Easterner Jacket as having the cut and motif of a vintage 1960's "Cowboy" jacket, featuring a slightly shorter body relative to modern jackets, while remaining comfortable and functional for work if needed. The colour of this jacket is created through traditional Japanese "plant dyeing," in this case the jacket is dyed with "Kakishibu," also known as persimmon extract. Kakishibu is a traditional Japanese method of dyeing clothing and cotton, and one of the great attractions of these dyed products with is their ability to age with use. Kakishibu dyeing is also called sun dyeing,  meaning that it oxidizes when exposed to sunlight or air, and the color changes to a deeper shade. As such, the lifestyle of the owner and the wearer is reflected as it is as aging. This is the wonderful charm of plant dyeing.

Japanese plant dyeing reflects the changes of the four seasons and is drawn from plants. Since ancient times, the Japanese have loved the changing seasons and the momentary brilliance of nature, and the traditional Japanese "plant dyeing" technique was created and inherited from that rich emotion, intended to reflect the changing of the seasons and the value of nature. It has a calming and deep taste that makes you feel warmth and familiarity. Kakishibu dyeing has a long history and is a traditional dyeing technique inherited from the Heian period more than 900 years ago. It is said that it began to be used for dyeing clothing when samurai and Yamabushi in the Heian period wore reddish brown clothing dyed with persimmon tannin. It is also used as a Chinese herbal medicine and is said to have high anti-bacterial effects.

We recommend to stick with your standard chest size. Wash separately, as the colour may bleed at first.

  • 4533 "Kakishibu" Easterner Jacket
  • Dyed with traditional Japanese "Kakishibu"
  • Vintage 1960's "Cowboy" style jacket
  • Rounded & angled chest pockets
  • Black custom branded buttons 
  • Reinforced placket
  • Regular fit
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Okayama, Japan
  • One-wash, no shrinkage expected with cold wash and hang dry