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Grim Tim Dry Selvedge

$246.00 USD

Slim fit, straight-leg, dry selvage jeans. Made with organic 13.5 oz. 100% organic cotton Kaihara selvage denim.

"Dry Selvage" has a deep indigo warp, unbleached, vintage-inspired "ecru" weft, tight construction, dry hand, and starchy crispiness. It is pure beauty in its dry state, but the most significant part of the denim is its aging property - how it evolves with wearing. To understand it, let us get a bit technical. The warp is first dyed in a dark sulfur dye and subsequently in indigo. This dyeing technique gives it a deep and muted indigo blue hue that looks utterly beautiful, accompanied by Nudie's essential orange thread. It is also what gives the denim its intriguing nuances as it ages. It is what we call a greencast denim, denim that has a slight greenish-blue hue that becomes more evident with wearing. With years of wear and some washes - as the dark denim turns lighter in tone - the greencast starts to lean towards a redcast - clear blue - hue. Intriguing and mind-boggling!