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Service Boot 2030 Maryam Marrone Washed Horse

by Viberg
$820.00 USD

All our Viberg Service Boots are on a single E width, we suggest sizing down one full size from your standard sneaker size. Consider a half size down if you have wide feet.

Viberg's Service Boot is directly based on their original model, first produced in 1931. A similar pattern was also used by multiple nations as a standard issue military boot during WWII, however Viberg's quintessential Service Boot is modeled after the Canadian military's WWII Service Boot pattern.

When it comes to textured leather, Washed Horsehide from the Italian horsehide experts themselves at Conceria Maryam in Tuscany is a top contender that can hang with the heavyweights with no issue. Maryam is a treasured hand in the legendary Italian craft of tanning top-quality world-class horse leather, and within their variety of horsehide and horsebutt offerings, their Washed Horse comes in as both one of the softest and most comfortable hides in their catalog, while simultaneously featuring some of the most interesting, attractive, and pronounced texture they have on offer.

The production of this Washed Horsehide begins with full-grain leather that is veg-tanned though a lengthy barrel-dyeing process that imbues the hide with rich, deep colour. This allows the leather to age naturally through wear so you can enjoy watching the character of the hide get better and better overtime. Most importantly though, is the step prior to the final finishing of the leather that really sets Maryam's Washed Horse apart from their other horsehide offerings; in which the dyed hides are tumbled within an industrial leather washer, granting them an extreme and near-unmatched suppleness that allows total comfort from the first wear, and a flexible and forgiving upper. The result a truly incredible character and variation in the grain of the leather, brought to life and showcased by Maryam's tumble wash process.

  • Maryam Washed Horse
  • 2030 Last
  • Tan Kip Full Lining
  • 7 Antique Brass Eyelets
  • Structured Toe
  • Straight Toe Cap
  • Antique Leather Midsole
  • Black Ridgeway Outsole
  • Resoleable Stitchdown Construction
  • Small batch, limited run production made at Viberg's factory in Victoria, BC
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