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Service Boot 2030 CF Stead Winter Smoke Classic Calf

by Viberg
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All our Viberg Service Boots are on a single E width, we suggest sizing down one full size from your standard sneaker size or brannock measurement. Consider a half size down if you have wide feet.

Viberg's Service Boot is directly based on their original model, first produced in 1931. A similar pattern was also used by multiple nations as a standard issue military boot during WWII, however Viberg's quintessential Service Boot is modeled after the Canadian military's WWII Service Boot pattern.

As a long standing tannery with over a century in the business, Charles F. Stead has established itself over decades as a premier supplier of leathers across the globe, particularly for use in high quality footwear. While they specialize in suedes, and have established a mastery over Kudu, Stead's calf is also world-class. Like their other offerings, Winter Smoke Classic Calf is tanned without the use of chrome and other artificial tannins, instead opting for natural, eco-friendly options.

The calf itself is a full-grain analine hide, meaning it is both durable and long-wearing while also being incredibly soft and comfortable. It is dyed with Stead's classic approach, featuring natural tannins, oils, and waxes. As a result, the soft, hard-wearing calfskin is granted a lovely pull up effect. Winter Smoke is a mid-dark brown with plenty of grey undertones that come through well enough to give the colour a unique, but very versatile finish. These visually go with denim, military trousers, and even most shades of brown. 

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