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Boot Socks Gray

by UES
Sold out
$35.00 USD

UES Boot Socks are a brand new type of sock that the brand has not made before. It is clear from a quick glance that these are some of the most functional socks we have ever carried, with intentional design choices to be found in every aspect of the fabric. UES has clearly  These are ideal for boots as they cover up to the calves, and the length is very nice for long shaft boots such as engineer boots.

Thick cotton fibers with excellent sweat absorbency are used for the body surface thread, while the part that hugs your foot is pile knitted for top tier plush and cushioning. By changing the thickness of the pile partially and adding reinforcing thread to the Achilles tendon piece where the most friction occurs in boots, both the strength of the fabric and the fit of the sock have been improved. Mesh knitting is used for breathability and to allow your feet to air out throughout the day, a huge benefit where other socks would simply become damp. UES has also used curl yarns for anti-slip measures on the toe and heel, proving that this sock is designed to consider functionality first.

  • 37% Acrylic, 32% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 4% Poly
  • Strong & rugged for boots
  • Pile knit cotton body
  • Mesh knit for breathability
  • Anti-slip curl yarn toes & heels
  • Anti-friction reinforcements
  • Long length
  • Sewn in tags at top
  • Vintage sportwear styling
  • One size fits all
  • Made in Japan

To prolong the life of your socks, UES recommends washing them inside out at cold or warm heat, and avoiding the dryer.