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Service Boot 2040 Horween Wheat Predator Roughout

by Viberg
Sold out
$813.00 USD

All our Viberg Service Boots are on a single E width, we suggest sizing down one full size from your standard sneaker size or brannock measurement. Viberg's 2040 last provides more width and volume than their 2030, which we use most often. If you have a wider foot and have sized down one half size for the 2030 in the past, consider going one full size down for the 2040.

Viberg's Service Boot is directly based on their original model, first produced in 1931. A similar pattern was also used by multiple nations as a standard issue military boot during WWII, however Viberg's quintessential Service Boot is modeled after the Canadian military's WWII Service Boot pattern.

We are very excited to release our newest custom Viberg Service Boots, crafted with Horween's incredible Predator leather in the Wheat colour, including a makeup featuring the sought-after Predator Roughout! Both the smooth and Roughout sides of the Predator hide are ideal bootmaking materials, with a substantial, durable weight and a hardy combination tannage process that grants them longevity at their core, while also featuring some of the highly sought-after effects seen in veg-tanned hides. This is so you can be sure your boots will hold up without worry, so you can focus on wearing them and see the patina potential after some time.

Over the years we have made a point of stocking boots crafted from Horween's Chromexcel hides as part of our core lineup, and as boot enthusiasts, we of course also make as many interesting veg-tan makeups as we can. We love Predator as it provides the benefits of both sides of the aisle, being a versatile combination tanned leather with a chrome-tanned base that provides consistent durability and weather-resistance, while a heavy vegetable re-tanning process follows up to bring out the natural characteristics once again. Finally, Horween waxes the hides with their own long-standing blend to give the leather a tonal appearance that is ideal for the ageing of the leather, allowing it to burnish and patina richly over time for a beautiful and unique boot.

Our Predator makeups feature two leathers with two different designs: This Service Boot is built on Viberg's higher-volume 2040 last, a roomier last relative to the usual 2030, while retaining a less aggressve almond-toed shape. It is crafted from Horween's Wheat Predator Roughout, with an unstructured straight toe cap, and 8 larger eyelets. Simply put, Roughout is the reverse (backside) of the Predator leather, and could be considered more durable due the hardy texture that will hold up better to scuffs and cuts while also hiding them better, roughout is a traditional workboot leather that is often mistaked for a (very hardy) suede.

  • Horween Wheat Predator Roughout
  • 2040 last
  • Unlined upper
  • Tan Kip vamp lining
  • Gusseted Horween Predator tongue
  • Unstructured toe
  • Straight toe cap
  • 8 AA Antique Brass eyelets
  • Natural Leather Midsole
  • Black Commando Outsoles and Heels
  • Traditional Resolable Stitch Down Construction
  • Small batch, limited run production made at Viberg's factory in Victoria, BC
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