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The Blade Indigo Corduroy

by Kato

“The Blade'' Jacket made with  100% cotton, pure indigo dyed, corduroy fabric. Using an 6 Wale for a more masculine effect, we also gave the corduroy wider spacing, reminiscent of vintage corduroy fabric. We took this jacket even a step further to make something truly special by utilizing discharge printing to create two versions, a plaid check and flower pattern. This method of printing was used to add depth to the pure indigo dye and to highlight the texture of the thicker 6 Wale corduroy. This fabric has been piece dyed and will slowly fade over time. For the finishing touch, the jacket has been garment washed to give it a broken-in look and feel.

We spared no expense, and did not let cost get in the way of expressing our vision for this jacket. The result is a must have, standout piece for any indigohead.

Front & side pockets

4-way stretch denim



100% Cotton

Made in USA