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Service Boot 2030 CF Stead Husk Eco Oiled Culatta

by Viberg
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All our Viberg Service Boots are on a single E width, we suggest sizing down one full size from your standard sneaker size or brannock measurement. Consider a half size down if you have wide feet.

Viberg's Service Boot is directly based on their original model, first produced in 1931. A similar pattern was also used by multiple nations as a standard issue military boot during WWII, however Viberg's quintessential Service Boot is modeled after the Canadian military's WWII Service Boot pattern.

    C.F. Stead utilizes the most premium selection of steer hide, called the Culatta. The Culatta is a specific cut of side leather made up of steer hides from the bend & belly. This part of the animal has a high oil content making the Culatta highly prone to a lustrous patina with a soft, metallic shine. This eco-tannage is fully certified as biodegradable.

    This Husk Eco Oiled Culatta is a uniquely heavily waxed leather as one is still able to easily see the variations and variegations in the hide, resulting in a leather that is both heavily textured as well as heavily waxed. The best of both worlds. Unlike Waxed Flesh, which is a heavily waxed roughout, this Oiled Culatta is heavily waxed on the smooth side of the hide, which allows the natural scars and variations to be showcased as a highlight of the leather. 

    Our initial copy had this leather listed as horsehide. This was due to a manufacturer error, and Viberg has swapped the makeup from horsehide to steerhide.

    • C.F. Stead Husk Eco Oiled Culatta
    • Vamp Lining: Tan Kip
    • Tongue: Self Smooth
    • Tongue: Set-in
    • Toe Cap Option: Brogue Toe
    • Eyelet: 9 Antique Brass
    • Last: 2030
    • Box Toe: Leather Toe Puff
    • Production: Stitch Down
    • Midsole: Natural Leather Midsole
    • Sole Stitch: Brown Sole Stitch
    • Sole: Ridgeway Brown
    • Small batch, limited run production made at Viberg's factory in Victoria, BC